Domestic Demolitions in Sydney Require a Professional and Experienced Company You Can Trust

The process of a demolition is never clean, simple or easy. But by choosing a domestic demolitions company that is sensitive to maintaining the property as it is and respecting the peace of the neighbours around you, you will avoid many of the complications that a poorly-run demolition can cause.

ANA Demolitions specialises in domestic demotions in the Blacktown, Hornsby, Penrith and Ryde areas. We have the knowledge and experience to mitigate all of the problems that can arise when your home in a populated area needs to be demolished as opposed to house or industrial demolitions which require different strategies.

We know that you may be living in your neighbourhood for years to come. We strive to ensure that your neighbours are not inconvenienced by your demolition. Running a clean and safe job site is one of our main priorities.

Full Compliance with All State and Local Demolition Regulations

We start by filing all the necessary paperwork to ensure full compliance with all state and local council codes. We obtain a Development Application on your behalf and all NATA accredited clearance certificates.

We are also fully licenced and insured to remove any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, we may find in your home and dispose of them properly and safely. We will also provide receipts that will prove the waste has been disposed of in a manner that meets the Development Application conditions as well as the Environmental Protection Authority regulations.

We Practice Responsible Disposal During the Demolition Process

The need to conserve the environment is on everyone’s mind nowadays. In support of this, we practice responsible waste disposal. We recycle as much of the waste material as possible.

We also value the health and safety of the people living around you. We keep dust and dirt to an absolute minimum and clean up the job site thoroughly as our final task on the demolition before we leave.

A Local Company Understanding Local Demolition Needs

ANA Demolitions is a family-owned company with fifteen years of domestic demolitions experience in the Sydney area. We service the Blacktown, Hornsby, Penrith and Ryde areas providing responsible domestic demolitions in populated neighbourhoods.

We own our own equipment. By doing this we are able to control all of the aspects of the job from excavation to waste removal. The job site will be safe and clean. This can be important to your neighbours as well the homeowner.

Homeowners can become overwhelmed by a number of different sub-contractors invading their neighbourhood. By providing you with a central point of contact, we put a friendly face to the demolition and a person who you can talk to about any concerns you have during the course of the demolition.

We have a close relationship with many of the well known building companies including:

  • Allcastle Homes
  • Eden Brae homes
  • Allworth Homes
  • A.V.Jennings (Sekisui House)
  • Rawson Homes
  • Project Home Builders
  • Private Owner Builders

In the case of the Sydney Demolition, the Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract, and the Natural Disaster Repairs Contract,
I acknowledge that I am aware that the Domestic Building Contracts.


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