Hire an Experienced Demolitions Company to Handle your Home Demolition

Demolitions may look simple to those unfamiliar with the construction business. How hard can it be to knock down a few walls? Unfortunately there is much more to it than simply knocking down walls.

There are multiple tasks to be performed before and after the actual demolition of a home, tasks that may not be considered by the average DIY homeowner. This is why if you have a home in the Blacktown, Hornsby, Penrith or Ryde areas, you should really consider having your home demolition performed by experts, such as ANA Demolitions.

Before the Demolition Takes Place

Performing a home demolition that is compliant with all the NSW and Sydney council codes is second nature to the engineers at ANA Demolitions.

We can provide and submit all the applications you need to comply with the regulations regarding a home demolition, from the development application to NATA accredited clearance certificates. Whatever area you live in, we will know the laws that apply to demolitions.

Hazardous waste removal of materials like asbestos is also a task that must be performed before the main demolition can take place. We are fully licenced and insured to remove and dispose of hazardous building materials safely and properly.

After the Demolition – Handling the Clean-up

Cleaning up after a demolition is also a task we take very seriously. We practice responsible disposal of all building materials. This means that we recycle as much of your construction as is safe and practical to do.

We will also handle all the paperwork for waste disposal and issue you with receipts. The receipts will prove that all waste has been disposed of in compliance with the Environmental Protection Authority regulations as well the Development Application Conditions.

Fifteen Years of Experience in Performing Demolitions

Our fifteen years of experience as a family-owned, fully-insured, HIA member company means that we fully understand the ins and outs of the demolition business. We offer a complete solution, from the initial home inspection to the final clean-up.

We own all our own equipment so we can control all aspects of the demolition job. This includes excavators and tipper semi-trailers. We run a well-coordinated and safe job site.

This alleviates the fears a homeowner may have in what can be an overwhelming job. We also recognise that your neighbour’s peace and comfort is paramount and we perform your demolition job as cleanly and discreetly as possible.

If you are planning a demolition in the Blacktown, Hornsby, Penrith or Ryde areas, give ANA Demolitions a call to ensure your peace of mind. We make your demolition job run smoothly and under full compliance of local and state regulations.

Residential and  Home Demolition:

ANA Demolition can demolish your  leaving the site in perfect condition for your builders to begin work.

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We allow your builders and surveyors a quick, easy & accessible site to start marking out your new home.

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